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Our Deluxe Centerpieces are known for the most Beautiful intricate designs made in italy and USA.Finest Devotional Heirloom Catholic rosary centers made of only the finest materials available.

  • 100% Fine Sterling Silver
  • Dazzling 24kt Gold Plated
  • Inexpensive Base Metal
  • Brilliant Silver Plated
  • Silver Oxidized Finish
  • Spectacular Nickel Silver
  • Stunning Color Enamel:
    • Pink, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow
  • Saints
    • St Benedict, St Francis, Our Lady of Fatima, Holy Spirit, Holy Family, Pope Benedict XVI, Our Lady of Lourdes, St Michael, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Scapular, Miraculous medal, St Theresa, Jesus Divine Mercy, St Ann, Divine Child, Guardian Angel, Our Lady of Gudalupe, Saint Joseph, Padre Pio, St Faustina, Mother Cabrini, St Anthony, 7-Dolor set, Relic Dirt



Parts Rosary Centerpieces Color Enamel Blue-Green-Yellow-Red-Orange-Pink